How to Let Your Guy Know That You Wanna Get Intimate

When it comes to relationship matters, the society expects that the man should make the first move. In fact, most women give only a hint of their desires and expect men to figure things out. Basically, women love playing games. Although this works in some cases, women should understand that not all men can read some of their signs.

If a woman wants to get intimate with a man, it’s important that they let them know. Essentially, they should not shy away from communicating their intentions or even feel ashamed when they do it. If you are having trouble determining the best way to let your guy know that you want to get intimate, here are useful tips to guide you through:

Cuddle Up

Among the best ways to communicate your desire to get intimate is through physical contact. Cuddling is a great place to start. Start to build the need by touching his hands, elbow, brushing his hair, or gently placing your hands on his knees. While at it, try to flirt with the eyes and smiling softly. Cuddling is a serious clue that will easily lead to kissing and setting the right mood for great sex.

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